Why Choose iWader

The iWader uses proprietary water-resistant polymers and every pair of our waders is carefully tested in an immersion tank .The waders are filled with compressed air and held under the water. If leaks are detected the wader is rejected. we are one of the very few manufactures to do this rigorous testing so you can  be certain that our waders are leak free!  Our quality assurance testing is so rigorous that all our waders must be stitched, sealed and bonded to their rubber boots or Neoprene sockfeet by hand. Only carefully trained staff with years of experience can take on this role and keep our quality assurance pass rate.  

You can choose from budget-friendly iWaders in different colours, including a camouflage option, as well as Neoprene waders, which offer better insulation in cold water or extreme conditions.  iWaders are available in a range of different sizes, they are extremely durable and are available in a variety of boot, belt, suspender, bib and pocket designs to suit your needs.