Why iWader

Our Mission

To equip every fly angler with the most comfortable waders

iWader & Fly Fishing

When considering the best waders, we reflect on decades of experimentation and refinement. Despite utilizing durable and waterproof materials, previous iterations lacked the crucial element of elasticity, leading to premature wear and necessitating frequent replacements.

In response, we dedicated years to research and development, striving to engineer fabrics that marry high elasticity with breathability. In 2015, our efforts culminated in the creation of the world's first comfortable waders, featuring our patented ultra-elastic GT-Stretch fabric. This breakthrough marked the birth of the GT-STRETCH™ iWader, recognized as the official waders of the 39th World Fly Fishing Championship in Australia.

Our goal was to craft waders that would endure years of use for every fly angler. Today, we proudly offer the all-new iWaders, ready to accompany you on your next angling adventure, with the added convenience of customized sizing services available for all fly fishing enthusiasts.