Product and Design

To live up to our mission hiring the best product development and design team is essential and our iWader Product Design team are highly skilled and passionate. Design reviews are a critical process that improves productivity, team communication, and the consumer experience. It’s all about making sure iWader products are beautiful, long lasting, functional, and as versatile as possible, whilst continuously improving environmental outcomes.

Our Product Design team are constantly working on every aspect of the design, even down to improving the chemistry of the polymers used. We use a super stretch fit fabric known as X-STRETCH for comfort, TPU waterproof breathable film to keep you dry and far-infrared technology to keep you warm. Our Wader fabrics also have an integrated antimicrobial action protects your waders from odor and mildew and keeps them hygienically clean.

Our quality assurance testing is so rigorous that all our waders must be stitched, sealed and bonded to their rubber boots or Neoprene sockfeet by hand. Only carefully trained staff with years of experience can take on this role and keep our quality assurance pass rate.