Our Mission

A proudly family run business employing more than 300 people established in 1997, we opened our first Australian location in Melbourne in 2009.   

Our mission is to connect with your passion.

How? By:

  1. caring about what we do,
  2. making the best products possible,
  3. as a family business we will be sustainable and profitable for the next generation,
  4. we work hard to be employers that our employees are proud of and are loyal to,
  5. our communities and environment must be better off because of what we do,
  6. we must contribute to economic growth for everyone wherever we do business,
  7. striving for ever better quality assurance, product innovation, and customer service.

Put simply, we are a world class economic citizen that contributes more than we take. Others would call this “Corporate Social Responsibility,” we just call it “running a family business.”