Sizing is one of the most important considerations when buying your iWaders online. Buying the correct size not only equates to being comfortable, but will determine the longevity of the waders. Buying waders too large will cause wear and tear over time and will create too many folds in the material and buying waders too small, will cause stress at the seams and crotch, wearing out these areas more rapidly.

When buying your iWaders online, check against the manufacturer’s sizing chart which is very reliable (found on every page). To be absolutely sure, use a measuring tape and get some accurate measurements.  The three (3) most important measurements to size yourself for waders are:-

1.Your largest girth around in cm’s (chest, waist or hips)

2.Your inseam in cm’s (crotch to floor)

3.Your shoe size

If in doubt about your sizing, call or email our customer service team with your concerns (