Care Instructions

All waders will wear out at some point, but properly caring for your iWaders can help you get the most out of your investment.  Consider some of the following tips to prolong the life of your iWaders.

  1. Get the best fit:- Well fitting waders allow fabrics to fold excessively over time causing them to break down along stress points.  Buy the correct body a stocking foot size to begin with.
  2. Dry them out:- To prolong the life of your iWaders, make sure you dry them thoroughly after use, including on the inside, which is often neglected. Whilst your iWaders might be “breathable”, they don’t “breath” whilst they’re submerged in water. This not only will cause moisture to build up inside your waders, leading to mildew, but may also break down the breathable membrane of your waders. So, ensure that you also turn the waders inside out to allow them to dry out completely.
  3. Keep out of sunlight while drying:- When you are hanging up your iWaders to dry, keep them out of the direct sunlight as this can greatly reduce the life of your waders.
  4. Roll, don’t fold:- Folding your iWaders causes stress along the same crease-points that can break down over time, so when travelling with your waders, make sure you roll them up from the feet, as opposed to folding them.
  5. Hang or store flat:-  Hanging your iWaders upright or laying them flat on the ground (such as under the bed) when not in use is the best option.
  6. Hand wash:- Waders should only be hand washed and allowed to air dry. A very mild detergent or hand soap will be fine.  Regular washing can greatly extend the life of your waders.
  7. Rinse off salt water:- Salt water is extremely corrosive, so if you use your waders in a salty or brackish environments, make sure to rinse off your waders in fresh water after use, particularly areas containing zippers.
  8. Avoid wearing out the toe area:-  A common complaint is that the waders wear out inside the toe area.  The most common reason for this is untrimmed toenails.