3 Ways to Immediately Start Catching Carp!

3 Ways to Immediately Start Catching Carp!
1. Feed Corn: That’s right! Feed Corn is simple and cheap carp bait, you can get a 22kg bag for as little as $10 but, you can’t just use them raw you’ll need to soak the corn kernels for 1 day, then boil the corn kernels for 2-3 hours, you’ll know they’re ready when they can be easily squished between your fingers.
2. Boilies: You may have not heard of Boilies before but, simply put they’re boiled fishing paste, they are “Usually combinations of fishmeal’s, milk proteins, bird foods, semolina and soya flour, which are mixed with eggs as a binding agent and then boiled to form hardish round baits which will last in the water.” – Wikipedia. You’re able to get approximately a kg of boilies for $13.50.
3. Chick peas: I always save the best for last, they’re one of the most popular particle baits used by fishermen trying to catch carp as the fish absolutely love chick peas. Simply Soak them overnight in salt water and then boil them for about 30 minutes and they are ready to help you catch some carp.
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